Grow from Seeds aims to provide high quality learning opportunities tailored to meet the needs of teachers and pupils of primary schools. Grow from Seeds intends to challenge extremism through social cohesion and inclusion, active citizenship and empowerment and participation of pupils.

Grow from Seeds engages partners from Ireland, Germany and France, and is supported by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership

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Gaiety School of Acting – National Theatre School of Ireland (Coordinator) / Kildare Town Educate Together, Kildare (Ireland) / Gilden Grundschule, Dortmund (Germany) / La Transplanisphère, Paris (France) / Plan International, Dublin (Ireland) / Primary School Les Fougères, Le Raincy (France)


The Grow from seeds project

The objectives of this project are to address knowledge gaps, by using innovative methods and ways of outreach and delivery, to provide both pupils and teachers with new learning opportunities:

– For pupils the education module will be based on empowering them through play and a year round programme that will be introduced by their teachers.

– For teachers, the 5 day training (in Ireland under the Department of Education and Skills, CPD summer courses for teachers) will provide high quality teaching and learning activities focused on developing relevant knowledge, skills and values to equip them to effectively integrate this programme in their classrooms.

This cross European project will nurture a creative and artistic response to the ever changing needs, demands and issues of living in a multicultural society as seen through the experiences and creativity of our young children.

There will be local/national events targeting teachers and adult educators and aimed to share good practices and experiences. Furthermore, the Handbook and E-Book are available to download and as a printable version below. This e-learning tool will provide step by step guide on delivering the education programme, thus enhancing and developing new skills for teachers throughout Europe and beyond.

Grow from Seeds E-Book – English Version

Grow from Seeds E-Book – German Version

Grow from Seeds E-Book – French Version

Grow to Show Play Handbook – English Version

Grow to Show Play Handbook – German Version

Grow to Show Play Handbook – French Version

Addressing the priority, developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods, will also be part of the project. The innovative method proposed crosses into the area of human rights, equality, social inclusion and awareness rising.

Latest Activities

Gaiety School of Acting (Grow from Seeds Coordinators)

Grow from Seeds is initiated and coordinated by Gaiety School of Acting – National Theatre School of Ireland.  Gaiety School of Acting is a Not for Profit organisation founded in 1986 by the internationally renowned theatre director Joe Dowling in response to the lack of full time actor training programmes in Ireland at that time. The School is now widely regarded as the country’s premier training facility for actors. Its policy is to train actors for theatre, film and television. Through a committed and dedicated staff, the School has developed and expanded to its current position where over 5000 students are involved in a wide range of courses; from an intensive two year full time actor training programme to a range of courses available to students from overseas. The full time actor-training programme boasts unprecedented graduate success with actors appearing in theatre, film and television nationally and internationally.

The Education and Outreach Department at Gaiety School of Acting – National Theatre School of Ireland ,  delivers specially tailored programmes to meet the creative and social needs of multiple sectors of our community.  Numerous Education and Outreach Projects have been successfully rolled out at local, national and international levels.

Further information on the Gaiety School of Acting can be found on their website. Please click the above logo for further information.


La Transplanisphère is a theater company based in Paris. It was in residence at the Carreau du Temple from November 2013 to July 2015, and now again become autonomous. Since 2008, it develops a project that questions politics through art and theatre. In this context, the company designs and conducts international cooperation supported by the European Commission. Its projects have gradually turned to youth training, an approach that combines theater, intercultural dialogue and international mobility.

Gilden Grundschule is a primary school located in Dortmund, Germany. 221 pupils are taught by 16 teachers, two special needs teachers and one social worker. In 2011 the school was certified to be a European Primary School. Most of the pupils (80 % of pupils) are from different 23 countries and their families have a non-European background. For pupils who do not speak German yet the school has opened a special class where the pupils only learn German, while they also go to one of the other classes.

Plan International Ireland – Founded in 1937, Plan International is a development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Plan International Ireland, based in Dublin since 2003, focuses its work in four core areas, namely Child Rights, Education, Emergencies and Development Education. Our vision is to ‘strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls’.

Kildare Town Educate Together is a primary school that caters for children from Junior Infants(4 Years old) to 6th Class (12 years old). Educate Together schools are based on the 4 pillars of Child Centredness, Democratically Run, Co-Educational and Multi-Denominational. Educate Together also have a distinct ethos or governing spirit. This has been defined in the following terms: Multi-denominational – all children having equal rights of access to the school, and children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds being equally respected.

Les Fougères Ecole Elémentaire, Le Raincy is a french primary school which hosts around 280 pupils, mainly from the town of Le Raincy.  The school  was created in 1870  and was a private school until after World War II, in 1955. It has remained a public school since then.



Further information on all partners can be found on their respective websites. Please click on the above logos for further information.