Workshop at Kildare Town Educate Together School / Ireland

On Tuesday April 24th 2018 the second class of the Educate Together School in Kildare, Ireland embarked and created their first Six Part Call to Adventure Story. And what an adventure it was. After participating in two previous workshops the class were ready to create their own class community story.

The result was , ‘The Cowgirls Competition’ – An epic tale of sibling rivalry, told and drawn in six parts, where two sisters, Kate and Kyle set themselves a challenge to see who could race around the world by horseback the quickest and get written into the Guinness Book of Records.

Fun and laughter was had and the story has all the hallmarks of a modern myth, and even had a moral to tell, “Cheating never pays off in the long run”

Seamus Quinn in action at Kildare Town Educate Together.