Summer 2018 workshop at Pantin – Courtillières Park / Paris, France

Grow from Seeds has facilitated a summer workshop at Pantin – Courtillières Park in Paris, Eastern suburb. The event was organised by Le Labo des Histoires, a french national writing association. This creative drama workshop took place from July 9th to 20th  and had ten 1h 30 minute sessions. The workshops tested the Grow from Seeds methodology and it culminated in a video performed by the participants of the workshops at Courtillières Park.

photo album here
see article on Labo des Histoires website.

The workshop gathered a group of 10 volunteer french kids from various locations, 5 to 10 years old. After several theatre and writing exercices, they finally choose to work on the Tir na nog tale provided by the Grow from Seeds methodology. They used the backbone of the story and enriched it with ideas of their own. The result is a 8 minutes video shot on the very last day of the workshop, as a conclusion of the workshop.

Associated artist : Bruno Freyssinet (director and pedagogue at La Transplanisphère) and Marie Willaime (associated author)

Maison des Courtillières, host team / Pantin : Lydie Quagliaroli and Mathilde Vasseaux

Labo des Histoires team : Elsa Pellegri and Gaëlle Rolin.