Kildare Town Educate Together – Final Play

The pupils of Kildare Town Educate Together National School worked with Caroline, our Grow from Seeds facilitator,  to create the story collaboratively as a group. ‘The Cowgirls Competition’ was born – An epic tale of sibling rivalry, where two sisters, Kate and Kylie set themselves a challenge to see who could race around the world by horseback the quickest and get written into the Guinness Book of Records.

Song from Students at Gilden-Grundschule

During our second transnational meeting we got the opportunity to hear a wonderful song sung by the students of Gilden-Grundschule.

2nd Transnational meeting

Thank you Gilden-grundschule for the wonderful song your class sung during our 2nd Transnational meeting.

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2nd Transnational Meeting in Dortmund

May 28th and 29th saw the second Grow from Seeds transnational meeting, hosted by the Gilden-Grundschule, Dortmund (Germany). Partners had a chance to discuss the project with local politicians, Kaan Emer from the Green Party and Thomas Bernstein from the Conservative Party, along with teachers from local schools.

Adventure Stories at Gilden-Grundschule

At Gilden-Grundschule we went on the journey to collect stories based on the methodology. Beforehand each child had created their own Adventure Story and we performed some of the sections on stage. Finishing the story “Kickboy and Magic Mary” on May 18th 2018 was a great success.

Mankind is threatened by supervillains, while Kickboy is facing the loss of his superpowers but with the aid of his best friend  Magic Mary they rescue mankind by sending the supervillains to a different dimension.

We had lots of fun creating the first draft of the play, and we are happy to present our story on stage at the second meeting in Dortmund!


Kildare Town Educate Together AGM

A big day is coming for our partner, Kildare Town Educate Together, who are hosting their AGM for 60 Educate Together schools from Ireland this Saturday May 19th. You can hear more about the Grow From Seeds project from the staff of Kildare Town Educate Together tomorrow.